25 March 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Was Less Curious...

Damien Mulley has been very kind in developing a theme on his blog,
in response to a post I made in response to a criticism he made.

I had asked, in a sort of disingenuous, fey manner:
"What is the matter with Blgospot?"

The answer has been posted.

Hit the title bar here, if you dare.

Rousing stuff...

The Blogspot V Wordpress debate is one I have not taken
to heart.

I now use both.


Blogger DaviMack said...

I stick with blogger for one reason: the way they handle comments. You see, the other engines allow the site owner to edit comments, whereas blogger simply allows the owner to delete them. This subtle difference is establishing a legal precedent: blogger comments are 'owned' by the person who wrote them, and the site owner can determine whether or not to allow those comments to appear on the site's space; wordpress comments are 'owned' by the site owner, who can manipulate them as much as they'd like, to attribute whatever they'd like to the person who originally made the comment.

When you've had a comment edited, to misrepresent what you actually had said, you'll begin to think about the ramifications of this. And you'll say, 'hmm... perhaps blogger had it right.'

3/28/2008 10:00 am  

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