25 November 2010

The Indolence of Writers

I have often been impressed by the number of writers who started their trade thanks to illness. Being bed ridden gave Robert Louis Stevenson full rein to his imagination. Proust filled his tiny bedroom with fierce herbaceous fumes that left visitors gasping and which may or may not have helped his style. Agatha Christie disappeared for a while, only to be found living quietly in a hotel where she must have worked on some interesting plots and characters.

Unfortunately, very little has dawned on me in my isolation, except for a frantic desire to be up and about and WELL.

I should, at last knuckle down and write about all the beautiful sights I found in Tasmania almost two years ago. However, conserving energy has taken over...

In a June Meadow


Blogger David T. Macknet said...

They didn't have to be ill ... they just had to have an incentive to focus. It can come from outside or inside, but is probably easier if it's inflicted upon you.

11/26/2010 7:01 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I think it's worth thinking about all the women who found their voice through being compelled to stay indoors for a considerable time.

Florence Nightengale took to lobbying politicians and really only got into her stride once she retired and took to the bed in her late 30s.

I am glad to be spared such a fate.

But, much more of this snow and emigrations, not self-imposed invalidism will become a very attractive option indeed.

Glad to see from your photos that you have been out and about in Glasgow.

11/30/2010 3:36 pm  
Blogger David T. Macknet said...

The snow certainly is keeping people home. Yes, we've been out ... but I went to Uni today & fell over on the way home. Nothing seriously injured, just a bit sore. Time to break out the crampons, I guess. Sigh.

11/30/2010 3:41 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

That's a relief.

People are driving round Dublin, it seems, spending hours in tailbacks.

TV progammes are now giving advice on how to avoid collisions.

Perhaps staying home is the safest, especially as productivity falls when people are so stressed?

11/30/2010 7:21 pm  

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