25 November 2010

Boy, Is Being Sick Boring, Or Not...

I begin to wonder what I used do in the past when compelled to stay indoors with a cold. Pre-blogging days, reading was the only distraction.

Now I can chat with new friends like music broadcasters and film makers, Tweet about favourite singers and generally keep spirits up.

No mean feat...

The TV and radio have been turned off. No point in encouraging a fever by watching people argue in circles about squaring circles and balancing budgets. In any case, I have a feeling that they are somewhat behind the times. I executed a "4 Year Plan" in the early 1990's. It involved spending two months going to the city dump and removing everything from the house that was even very slightly annoying. "At least you're still here", a friend remarked to my husband, full of admiration at such resilience. It will be interesting to see what happens next as Ireland trims down and measures up...

Now might be the moment to brush up my French.

"Quand Renault s'enrhume la France ├ęternue".



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