23 November 2010

All in the Head

I have a whopping headcold.

A nice excuse to stay indoors listening to the radio.

France Inter is on a one-day strike, which means a nice change from all the chatter and having some really good music to listen to for a change.

The country is in uproar, laughing stocks being mentioned A LOT.

The added advantage of a cold is that one's life's experience shrinks to the next cup of green tea and whether or not one should meet friends at the weekend if one is contagious. Billions of Euro, Pound Sterling and Dollars may change hands without one giving what is pleasantly called "a tinker's curse".

You know things are getting really hairy when our local radio station wheels on Luke Kelly to declaim "For What Died the Sons of Roisin" and to sing of unhappy children. The Irish are a passionate and erratic people, if the official versions are to be believed,
but really a little goes a long way when a person has a cold...


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