5 November 2008

Chewing the Keyboard Will Probably Not Do Any Good...

I'm back in incommunicado mode with the
Wordpress comment system.

Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Here is the comment I've just posted on Damien Mulley's
interesting post in the aftermath of the US Elections:

"A very lyrical and interesting piece.

Thank you for sharing, Damien.

I'm now wondering, a little puzzled,
who "we" are.

Has it turned into a "Them" and "Us" World?"

I upload it here because
Sight nor Light of it
I cannot find on the original post.

It may appear in time?

While there may be many people crying across the World,
I'm just sitting here in perplexed, but contented,
admiring the sunshine pouring out of a relatively blue sky.

What a pleasant day...

Let's heart it...



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