22 October 2008

Sweeping Leaves

I've been too busy sweeping up leaves to think
about taking any photos this week.

There is a rhythm to an October afternoon.
If the sun manages to shine, as it did all day today,
it is warm enough to work for four hours until sunset,
which is just about now in Dublin.

Somehow, starting off in the morning is a different matter.
I admired the garden from a distance until almost three o'clock today.
This gave me courage for the attack make on wild shrubberies that grew
apace all Summer and which now need to be curbed.

Unfortuantely, Slash and Burn is no longer possible,
as fires are seen as adding Carbon to the environment
and are banned by law.

From now on I'll have to look elsewhere for a source of
potash. Years ago, wood ash was all that was needed,
spread around the base of apple and pear trees.
Buying fertilizer was an unnecessary luxury.

Not any more.

Using Diopter 4+


Blogger DaviMack said...

Ahh, but while burning may give you good ash, if you were to pile that into a corner and let the worms go at it, you'd have far more nutrients entering the soil. It'd take longer, and it'd be uglier, but it's better in the long run.

10/26/2008 9:40 pm  

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