16 October 2008


Yesterday I thought a bit about what makes me

It was an easy exercise as most of the day was spent

walls, windows, floors...

I love a clean house and during the Summer
a vast army of wild life seems to have taken refuge
indoors from the torrential downpours in the garden.

Mostly spiders, I'm glad to say.
Since moving to a house with concrete downstairs flooring
we no longer have mice. They were one of the afflictions
of the Edwardian house that I still think of with fondness
and which we left over twenty years ago.

In fact, one mouse became a sort of household pet for a while,
a European version of the Cricket on the Hearth,
though probably not to everyone's taste.

In any case, the wildlife is no more.
All the scrubbing has paid off...

Delphinium Blue


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