15 October 2008

I thought about writing a post about the Budget

for the Irish Republic for 2009...

and then thought better of it.

The roaring which surrounded its presentation yesterday
was quite enough to make me turn the TV off and wait to
read about what was actually being said.

Apparently callers to radio stations throughout the land
have been less restrained.
The general consensus seems to be that it is

"Not A Good Thing" and, if things go on as they are,
they are bound to get much worse.

Having been blessed with an up-beat an optimistic temperament
comes to the fore during such "Interesting Times".

I head out into the garden, study the lilies of the field
and wonder if they are edible.
The family of blackbirds that responded so well to Summer feeding
and to the shelter of dense hedging which hems in our garden
are now being eyed with a view to possible protein content.

We probably shall not go hungry.
However, it will be more than interesting to see
how things evolve...

Geranium phaeum

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Blogger DaviMack said...

Hmm. Well, for those people with significant investments and savings ... I suppose they might have something to worry about. But, really, who has those things, in this credit-driven culture?

Can't worry with it.

10/16/2008 2:20 pm  

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