20 October 2008

The Humourous Budget?

I daren't turn on the radio.
The irascible over-seventies who are both angry and confused
about last week's budget cuts in the health service make
uncomfortable listening.
Last night I heard that one elderly lady had been
brought to hospital suffering from post-Budget anxiety.

This is not the way to keep up the morale
and physical and mental health of a Nation.

A feeble attempt on my part to open a discussion
on Techfocus the Lounge fell down sadly.
Everybody there seems to love the Budget
and, since private health care is the
method of choice of an increasingly large
section of the Irish population,
it will be interesting to see how it all gets settled.

In the meantime, I've spent the day getting the 'phone system
here back to work.

Techology, as anybody who read my groaning posts two years
ago here, is not my thing...


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