7 June 2007

Web paranoia is something I hope to avoid.

From time to time the temptation to leave a
cheery comment on a fellow bloggers space overwhelms me.
I tried about ten days ago and after three attempts
the wall of virtual steel surrounding one site was pierced.
The other two bloggers were impenetrable.

Just now, an attempt to comment on Damien Mulley's
very well written blog ended in failure, so I may as
well post the comment here.

This is just to link to an interesting piece about
Digital Rights in Ireland.

I'm beginning to feel that it would actually
be a sign of approval if somebody tried to
nick my graphic work...

(To be taken light-heartedly, BTW.
Web security is the big debating point
of the day.)


Blogger L said...

Hello there,

I once found a note in a library book. It read: "Look no further. We have already been here."

On my blog I write nothing about digital rights or Ireland, but you can feel free to leave me a comment any time you feel like it. Everyone is welcome at the Voodoo Bungalow.

Just the moment, we're all on the back deck under the tiki lights, drinking gin and talking about The Jetsons.

How could you resist?

6/08/2007 5:18 am  
Blogger Damien said...

Hmm. What email address did you use? See my recent post about spam. I'm getting false positives but because of the 1000+ spams in my moderation filter every day I can't see genuine comments like yours. I'm not sure what email address you used to make a comment but it seems to be considered a spammy email address. Leave a comment next time and email me right away and I can tell the filter "bad doggy" or something when it grabs your comment.

6/08/2007 7:02 am  

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