21 February 2008

You Must be Joking

All the palaver about a Picture being worth a Thousand Words
has set me thinking.

I disagree. Words are words; pictures are pictures.

I have just posted a photo that will probably be my
Saint Patrick's Day greeting this year.
I cannot think of any words to confuse what is a simple
green graphic effect. The thought that it may be worth
even ten words does not even occur in my synaptic system.

I suppose a long discussion on the Bokeh effect in the
background could pass a merry moment or churn out a few more
sentences. But would it lead to any valuable discussion?
The Bokeh "IS". There you have it.

Worth and value judgements are blasted at blog readers wherever
we go.

I came across a great debate on "the male gaze", which seems
to have somehow linked to the "nasty people making nasty remarks
in a gender biased sort of way" piece.

This is daft. How can you have "the male gaze" on the Internet,
any more than "the female gaze".

Some people stare; others don't.
Parisiens, from the experience of anybody who visits the
City of Light
actually goggle much of the time.
It's a cultural matter, I suppose.

Now, I'm off to make,yet another, cup of tea.

This time, Green with Orange Zeste.


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