14 February 2008

Irish Blog Awards

The Irish Blogosphere is in the news again.
The Irish Blog Awards are in full swing and
bloggers are finding inspiration for posts
and photos wherever they turn.

Environmental issues are discussed at length
and bloggers are very careful to analyse issues
that keep the Net lively and efficient.

Tips for Green Blogging would be welcome.

Suggestion 1: Only blog when you have something
useful and/or beautiful to say.

Think! If a post causes vast numbers of responses and queries
a lot of energy and electricity is used.

Put your Blogging Foot down with care...


Irish Blog Awards ยป 2008 Irish Blog Award Sponsors: "BB Gardens have sponsored Best Designed Blog. BB Gardens is run by Bobby Buckley. BB Gardens will supply planting schemes, design and arrange borders, design and plant woodlands. BB Gardens are environmentally aware and their philosophy is: Gardening not for the moment but for the whole year."


Blogger Bobby Buckley said...

Congratulations to all Bloggers who have been shortlisted.

2/16/2008 12:33 pm  

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