29 February 2008

Irish Blog Award Preparation Has Reached Fever Pitch

I'm a great fan of Bock the Robber's extravagant
literary style. Heaven knows why, as his outbursts often scare
the bejaysis out of me.

Today, courage firmly in hands, I posted to his blog.
The result was suitably surrealistic.
Trigger happy, as usual, I managed to link my name to
a very entertaining piece about how to control your waiter
when eating out. I had meant to place a neat link to
ModernTwist2 there, but it was not to be.

Several attempts to rectify the situation left me with
messages that did not make sense, or that made me look
like a poisonous

Success, however had been partly achieved.
The comment worked, even if it was not the full comment I would have desired.

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