6 October 2009

Finding Me, Finding You

I don't do news...

Frankly, the eternal eye that monitors all human activity and brings sad stories to our living rooms daily is always to be regarded with a degree of scepticism, I think.

Aware of the natural disasters that affect people living in lands prone to earthquake invites a quick exit from the room, and a reminder to myself to send donations.

In Ireland, we are remarkably free of earthquakes, yet the dramatic spirit of the people here turns every little event into a "Cause célèbre". The aftermath of the Lisbon
Referendum is being clucked over as I write.

Do I tune in?

You must be joking...


Blogger DaviMack said...

Yeah - we avoid the news as well, as it's not at all informative.

What do you think about the whole EU thing, though? As one of "the locals?"

10/08/2009 8:17 pm  

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