22 September 2009

It's Wiki-....d ....

It's all Greek to me...

Polyglossia was the norm years ago. I emerged from school a veritable Tower of Babel.
Ut linked to the subjunctive as day mergerged into night.
We lamented the end of the medieval forests in Irish as if there was no tomorrow, and as if
the destruction had only happened yesterday.

Nowadays everybody talk 'Strine or .html and I'm damned if I know what they're mumbling about.

The time worn story of how I took up blogging for fear I would part company with language forever
has been trotted out for the amusement, many times, of my non-blogging friends.

Most of the people in my generation do not blog. Many of them look at computers as one would greet
the appearance of a cannabilistic alpha male gorilla at a chic dinner party...
a force to be reckoned with and possibly one that will gobble up all the food, not to mention the guests.

Gare au gorille...

400 iso is ideal for taking photos on a
Dull Day.