9 October 2009

Battening Down the Hatches

Domestic harmony continues apace here, as I find that agreement on the role of the elder citizen is to "contribute as best we can", "do our bit" and, if possible, keep smiling.

This is in response to Davimack's request for insight into local colour as it affects the perception of the EU in our house.

I'm a gardener, not a soothsayer. I can predict that our apple and pear trees will bear fruit again next year, but that's about it. The wider social context, which I was trained to scrutinize at close quarters many years ago, is a mystery to me. One year of sociology and a degree in French and English was scant preparation for living in the 21st century. I even can be found wondering what on earth possessed my primary school teachers when they decided to teach me to knit. I knitted for years. I hate knitting...

Students and workers are taking to the streets in ever increasing numbers in an effort to be heard. Having walked from Maynooth to the Dail as a student, to protest, I can understand where they are coming from, but I hope their views are respected. Every generation seems to cook up some new, puzzling situation for the next generation to sort out.

Let's at it...


Blogger DaviMack said...

And every new generation is ignored by those in power ... and the cycle continues, rather like a recurring hangnail.

Glad you're not obsessed with the politics. It makes for a nice change, really, being disconnected from it.

10/12/2009 2:42 pm  

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