21 October 2009

Thrilled Skinny

Thrillers, Mysteries and "Noir" extravaganzas are hot news at the moment.

Fans await, breath bated, for the winners of the
Golden Daggers Awards
to be announced.

Thriller Writers and readers around the world will be on the edges of their seats, teeth gritted, knuckles whitened, waiting for the final results tonight.

Nowadays, I have to admit, displaying a lack of courage, I tend to read biographies and cookery books.
At one point I even thought I might set to myself and write a gardening book. But at the time I did not think I was old enough and then an interesting thought struck...
I would probably never be old enough...

Having sat an exam run by the RHS in London was quite enough of that. One of the questions required a written description of double-digging, with a clear illustration of how to proceed.
This is the sort of writing that might fit better into the "humourous anecdote" department.


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