31 March 2009

Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear...

The last few minutes were spent struggling, yet again, with code.

Discussions flare up ever so often about the mandatory link that is requested
by Flick to the photo page, whenever you use a photo uploaded there.
It's all too complicated for words, and people have spent precious hours of their
lives wondering about this and trying to comply. All the links I tried today got swallowed into the Blogger system.
As usual I hope to be forgiven.

Frankly, I'm exhausted in any case. The weekend went swimmingly with family and friends blowing in from the four winds to chat, eat and, to my great delight, bring the house back to life with laughter. Somehow, when you leave a house for a few weeks it begins to feel lonely. All the visitors have cured this.

THEN... we went to the cinema yesterday afternoon.

I suppose I should recommend "Il Divo", but I have to admit that the experience of following a Machiavellian plot that sought to reveal the true nature of the politican, Andreotti, as his career was exposed to public scrutiny, will probably leave all a-political types like myself... well... tired.

The acting is astonishing. As I have often found reason to mention here, years in Latin class did little to endear the vigourous politics of Italy and Greece to my somewhat simple North European mind. I left the cinema very contented in the knowledge that the years in the 'eighties and 'nineties that spawned many Mafia films should never return. But I found the experience draining. Such energy spent to so little avail is sad.

The real Mr Andreotti is said to be hopping mad at the portrayal of his person and his motivations as represented in the film. Somehow I understand why this should be so...

The Italian language is fabulous in this film. It will be interesting to discuss it with friends at more dinner parties to come.


Blogger DaviMack said...

I put something like this into my blog's posting template, so I don't have to worry about it & it'll always show up when I create a post:

<a href="the link to the picture page on Flickr goes here, between the quotes." target=_blank title="The little floaty thing you want to see when the mouse hovers over the picture.">
<img hspace="10" src="The image URL goes in here, so just right-click the thing on Flickr & say 'Copy Image Location' or something like that. The 'align' and 'hspace' bits are to make your text flow around the picture." align="left" /></a>

Just ... follow the wee instructions & you're good.

3/31/2009 9:05 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Many thanks for that.

I'll get to work on it soon... my enthusiasm for code has cooled considerably recently.

However, I can see the versatility learning more tricks will bring.

4/01/2009 1:18 pm  

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