20 March 2009

I am, at the moment, technically "not here"

Easter Paperwhites

The call of the wild in the back garden has meant that I have stolen a few moments
to offer some words of comfort to Ellybabes, a kind lady who was very helpful at
the Irish Blog Awards last year and who worked like a Trojan to make everybody feel

She has taken criticism of the people who organise the Blog Awards to heart.

No need to do that, I think, as most sensible bloggers see that the best blogs
win on the day.

I would try to post a comment on her blog, but the thoughts of the virtual stangulation
I usually experience when trying to get past all the secure systems has made me
"howled my whist".

Perhaps she will find this by chance and be consoled?


Blogger DaviMack said...

Love the flowers!

3/20/2009 8:52 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I'm glad.

The garden is full of daffodils at the moment.

3/21/2009 1:35 pm  
Anonymous elly parker said...

I did find this, not by chance, but because I have a google alert set up to find any references to "ellybabes".

Perhaps my post didn't get it across, but I didn't take anything to heart, I simply wanted my chance to comment on the thoughts of others that the awards might be "fixed".

Please feel free to comment on my blog, I'm sure you'll find it much easier than commenting on Blogger blogs, because I use WordPress. There are no security checks, you simply need to enter your name & email address (and blog address if you wish) and then type in your comment. There are no additional steps.

3/23/2009 8:45 am  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Many thanks for taking time to post here, Elly. It's nice to talk to you again.

I hope my post will be taken in a lighthearted manner. I followed the discussion on the Awards being "fixed" and thought you explained the situation very clearly.

Shall get round to posting on your blog in time. I have noticed the ability of one post to lead to another and, at the moment, I'm grappling with some very ordinary domestic activities...

Have moved on from the leaves in the garden to cleaning windows around the house. A month away makes all this activity seem like the mucking out of the Augean Stables...

3/23/2009 3:42 pm  

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