20 March 2009

Setting the Record Straight

The impetus to write seems to have weakend, thanks to the call of Spring in the garden.

However, I came across a very inspirational post by Davimack, which is relevant for anybody who keeps a blog or who writes for even the most distant of readers.

Since many visitors here may not know "Erase History"
I have put a link in the title bar to the post that took my fancy.

And here, if you do not have time to visit there,
is the comment I have just posted:

"This is a great post.

I spent many years trying to work out the practicalities of what "record" means, as I wrote for the main "newspaper of record" in Ireland.

One day I just went through a copy of the paper looking at the photos and came up with a startling result: less than ten per cent of the images contained women; the rest celebrated men.

Just because something is recorded does not mean it is true to life, a thought I keep close to my heart whenever I take photos or write."

The question of verisimilitude is constantly debated on the Internet.
The abstraction that formed thought and art in the latter part ot the Twentieth Century seems to have been overwhelmed by the realism and hyper-realism of the forms that Internet communication and imagery impose.

Worth thinking at length about...


Blogger DaviMack said...

Thanks for the link!

Oh, the thoughts, the obsession ... the research. It never ends, does it?

3/20/2009 8:53 pm  

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