3 February 2009

And It's Words, Words Are All I Have...

It looks as if I may have to blog forever.

Every post calls for clarification and expansion, or so it seems whenever I
make a statement that seems to be cast in stone.

Having thought about why I did not send an explanatory private message with a note to explain that a post I made was not meant to be defamatory, I see that the wisdom of keeping Internet work as up-front as possible has stood me in good stead so far.
There's no point in having energy leaked away into a subtext of cross annotation, performed privately and with the danger, as is always the case with footnotes, of either being prolix or not to the point.

When I started into the workplace as an adult, the amount of emotion expended on making sure everybody was included was a major priority. This is still the case, but I steer clear of posters who assume a negative interpretation in what they read on the Internet and assume that it is somehow offensive. I'm used to the concept of outrage as it has stifled so many conversations, both real and virtual since the introduction of politically correct language use. Obviously I don't want to run a blog that is prejudiced, mean-spirited or which offers daily incitement to hatred. Even if I did want such an odd piece of writing, I would probably get my come-uppance in jig time. Some bloggers court danger and are very popular as a result. The frenzy is not for me.

However, looking at the ever-widening Blogosphere, there is something wearing about the expectation that offense is intended at every turn in contemporary society. I learned very quickly to avoid people who are very easily offended for a very simple reason.

I find them tiring... But that is just a measure of my energy levels,
not a slur on them or their way of doing things.

...And there is always the bright side.
Without the misunderstanding that started this train of thought,
I would not now know the
following reference and would not have learned
something new.


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