2 February 2009

Saddam and Begorrah

I kid you not...

I've just come across a site where "Sodom" is written as "Saddam".

I edited an aside out of one of yesteday's posts because it did not fit in.
I have often wondered why people make such a political issue around gay rights and
before you rush to denounce me as being blind to the prejudices involved,
I have found that I am not alone.

I'm married. It's not a big deal. Probably I would make an almight fuss if I were prevented from being married, however...

I have never understood why heterosexuality has been so institutionalised, either.
Why two people who buy a house together should have to be bound hand and foot in holy wedlock before they are given the right to do so was the norm when we bought our house. The fact that we accomodated every criterion has not stopped financial institutions playing Molly Bawn with our savings and sexual politics look like having little place in the horrors that await all of us for the next few years.

I'll probably have to start making my own clothes again.

Oh dear...

Here's a nice image of a fine Georgian house to cheer us all up:

The House at Marlay


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