2 February 2009

There were no flies on Yeats

For those who do not know the story, the reference to Yeats and his
wife yesterday was to the fact that Yeats, a practical man behind it all,
bought his wife, George, the gift of a typewriter so that she could work
as his secretary.

Not given to doing things by halves, it seems, this finely tuned and imaginative
lady set about communicating with "The Other Side" and produced automatic
texts that were worked in the final work "A Vision".

I was guided away from what was seen in the 1970's as a deviation from the true
artistic path of that writer, even though I found the outpourings of imagery in
"A Vision" quite breath-taking. The more finely honed works were the most appreciated by academics in those days. However, since then scholars have integrated the middle works and found them not lacking.


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