24 January 2009

The Official/Unofficial Recession

It seems that farmers, used to hardship and managing on a tight budget,
are often well prepared for recessions when they hit.
In some ways, they seem to live in a perpetual state of
unofficial recession.

Townies, on the other hand, tend to wave their designer hand-bags in the
air and wonder if starvation might not be at hand.

Last evening, I set to with a vengeance to make pizza and bread from
scratch. Tesco's inability to provide yeast (signs of the "official"
recession?) meant a foray in the Health Food Store, where I discoverd
a mysterious substance, Quick Yeast. It rises a half-kilo of dough
in 25 minutes... truly remarkable.

And if the going gets really tough.

Let us eat cake...

Chocolate and Raspberry

And given the fact that most of our money has been carried off
in a mysterious trickle into the coffers of the rich and powerful,
let us make it ourselves.


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