19 January 2009

To the Waters and the Wild

I'm planning a trip to Australia.

For somebody whose idea of stress is gettting round the supermarket
and emerging with all the ingredients for a hearty dinner,
this is quite an adventure.

Since I've managed it twice already and have not contracted
Dengue Fever or had any encounters that could deter me
from setting out again, I'm in really up-beat mood.

Even the news, relayed through the eternal presence of Radio Four,
that today is "Blue Monday", has not put me in a negative state of mind.

Apparently today is the day, above all days in the year, when people
'phone in sick to work.

There is even an academic in on of the British universities who
has worked out a mathematical equation to prove that this is so.

That would not wash here, as house-wives are not supposed to have moods
or throw sickies or insist on terrorising those round them with a

Dinner, I'm delighted to report, will be as usual this evening
and served piping hot.


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