11 January 2009

The Degenerate Bourgeoisie, C'Est Moi?

It has taken some time, but I'm back reading for pleasure

Not quite the Emma Bovary of the local library service,
but that might come, in time, too.

After a year of painstaking moving of snippets of code
from one part of my screen to another,
of hours of hip-crunching approaches to flowers
indoors, outdoors and in the National Botanic Gardens,
of endless discussions, virtually, and with very knowledgeable
interlocuters on the subject of DOF,
I am, at last, free.

Years ago, on the radio, I heard a famour American photographer
say that you could learn all the technicalities necessary to become
a good photographer in three months.
That was before digital systems and before the seriously
slow of wit took to this nebulous art.

If you would like to join in discussions on the philsophy of art,
photography and why we make the images we do,
you are welcome to join the discussion here:

Of the Beautiful and the Sublime

It seems that computer experts are now studying aesthetics
until the cows come home.

Happy Days!


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