5 January 2009

"All Their Wars are Merry and All Their Songs are Sad"

I often forget that Irish culture demands a strong stomach and a
steely nerve.

Granny J's comment on the name of The Bleeding Horse pub set me thinking.
It has never worried me. In fact it just "is".

I even have a personal anecdote about it.

Not only should one never act with children or animals,
travelling on a bus with them is also a liability.

My daughter, at the age of two, waved in a nonchantly manner
at "The Bleeding Horse" and announced to the assembly on the top of
the bus

"My daddy loves going to the pub".

I think there was a long explanation about spening many hours
"in there" which brought sage nods from all the old ladies now
travelling into town for mid-morning shopping on the free transport
for the elderly scheme.

I decided to go with it and not try to explain...

It all links up nicely with Chesterton's epic
"Ballad of the White Horse".

Enough said.

January 2009


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