27 December 2008

I Have Discovered a New Dress Designer...

... and I think I may be hooked for life.

The fabrics in my Anne Klein coat and top are a dream.

I cannot imagine why I did not become a clothes junkie before now.
There is something about gardeners and clothes that I took to readily
and have not thought about much in almost thirty years.
We dress to survive.
New fangled fashions come and go and you still find us in resiliant denims and
floppy warm jumpers. A recent discovery, that a photographers jacket, with numerous
pockets and well padded for being out of doors did bring a bit of novelty into my wardrobe, but, in general, I tend to look much the same from one year to the next.

Colours can be enhanced by choosing a selection of scarves and hats that stop one looking dull.

However, having discovered this lady
there will never be another excuse for not stepping out in style.

And how much did I save by waiting for the Sales, you ask?

There are some secrets that a lady never reveals...


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