12 January 2009

Hand Crafts and the New Economy?

Friends who worked in the Irish Hand Crafts industry in the
'Eighties have decided to start making new items for sale in the
next year.

This started me thinking...

The computer revolution sent everyone into a spin,
especially during the past ten years.

It's possible we are about to emerge, divesting ourselves of
time-consuming computing practices, to return to a more
hands-on way of life?

My crochet hooks have languished in a ceramic jar for years.
While several years spent taking piano lessons replaced knitting
and crochet, I have to admit that I miss the hours spent dreamily
linking loops of wool into patterns and shapes.
It was a harmless activity.

Perhaps the "RECESSION", which is the new media weasel word,
is not all bad?
Perhaps we will no longer career round in expensive four-wheel drives
on suburban street and fret ourselves every time a computer firm
moves out of the country in search of cheap labour in the east?

Perhaps we are about to get our lives back?


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