24 January 2009

My Stack Brimmeth Over

By the time I had drunk several more cups of tea yesterday
and taken a leisurely walk to the Dundrum Centre,
I found that I had lost all interest in the whys
and wherefores of Internet debate.

There's nothing like a wander round Tesco's (they had
run out of dried yeast, BTW) and a session in a bright
changing room with an assortment of wildly reduced and
pretty jumpers to put everthing right back in perspective.

I even took some photos.

By the time I returned to the fray, another row had broken out...

Perhaps "Blue Monday" took a hold and is going to last 'till June?

I have nary a bother with Flickr, but there are disgruntled
photographers, caring and sharing types, for whom it is becoming
a serious bone of contention.
They post and blog on relentlessly until, at the pin of their collars,
moderators batten down hatches, close threads and even ban anybody who
dares mention the dread "F" word in public.

All these concerns are contageous.

What if I should find my photos disappearing from Flickr, I ask myself vaguely,
while admiring a neat pile of new V-necked light knitwear that
seem to have been custom made for an evening in a Melbourne garden
with the "Doctor" gently blowing from the sea.

Much more Flickritis and I'll turn into the Amanda McKittrick Ross of my generation.

What if my Flickr photos get a poxy attack of Stack Overload?

I keep asking myself this question because..

There's not much point in asking anybody else

Nobody seems to know what it is...


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