7 January 2012


I've started studying my typos, not for evidence of diminished brain function, but for how distracting the current cold and dark is.

Writing has always been difficult and one area of literary criticism that most amuses me is the way literary historians work. They scrutinise revisions and rewrites as if they had some other worldly significance. Usually they can be taken as evidence that the writer had a friend drop by for a visit or that they had temporarily stopped thinking because they found the task in hand boring.

I know that in a long body of work, when the writer has been showered with acclaim, how they approach the craft comes under well earned scrutiny. Leitmotivs, evidence of emotional changes as can be traced in handwriting, introduction of new words... it goes on indefinitely as I learned at a tortuous lecture in Trinity College once.
I'll fix the confusion at the end of the last post in time, if ever.

Europe can be such a bore... (And in this case a typing course might get skills better honed.)

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