5 January 2012

Well, Blow Me Down With a Feather...

I don't have the energy to post on Davimack's blog, being in another system as it is.
However it is a relief to know that they are surviving merrily enough given the circumstances of being caught up in some tornado or other. I don't know if the hilarity the pieces have caused me are intended, but having weathered snow last year my virtual friends have taken the gales on the chin and are knitting, writing and making beautiful photos as usual.
I woke to a report from the BBC that a delighted arboriculturalist was actually out in the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens to study the top of a 50 foot felled tree. It's rare to be able to study such a specimen, it seems. Good news was forthcoming. The lichens at the top of the tree are numerous and healthy, evidence of good air quality.

Somebody out there must have heard all our pleas for the moaning to stop.
We are now being blown away with happy stories...

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Blogger David T. Macknet said...

It's indeed a beautiful day, here ... except that they're in the process of tearing down the old mill building. I did not LIKE that storm, and resent it having destroyed something so beautiful.

1/05/2012 3:35 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I must explain that the destruction caused by the storm was not what made me laugh.

Your ability to get through the stygian darkness without electricity was the main source of my benevolent amusement. It's years since we had a power failure here but I always keep candles on hand. Night lights (the little round ones) are usful because when you put them in clear glass containers they glow quite brightly.

The caver's light strapped to one's forehead is something I have threatened to try but think it could be used most of the year here, given the thick cloud cover Ireland has.

1/05/2012 6:06 pm  
Blogger David T. Macknet said...

I didn't mistake you for laughing at the destruction, by any means.

The caver's light is a good thing, particularly for negotiating stairs when carrying things. Ours are a bit awkward to wear outdoors, as they don't necessarily provide as much light as we'd like (they're LED's), but they're perfect for negotiating a familiar environment, plus they last for over 100 hours.

We have 4 of them, stationed strategically around the house.

1/05/2012 6:27 pm  

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