4 January 2012

Ca m'est Egal

The title here has reminded me of all the rules and regulation governing the placement of accents in French.

Not on capital letters, ever, if memory serves. But since the last time I checked was in the 1980's I'm not going to stand over this.

Friends, who are always quick with good ideas that could leave one spent, tired and cross in the extreme, have sometimes thought I might like to write here in French.
Not a good idea, given all the blasted accents that pepper the written language and which will probably, in time, lead to its demise. Greek is a much prettier prospect, to my eye, at least, since they changed the rules in relation to accents, but since my little Greek is shrinking yearly and since I have no intention of going to Greece, chances are slim of much being put into print in that language in the near future.

People do not like difficulty and challenge, if they are any way ordinary, as I am. The annoyance of reaching my potential would probably kill me off years before nature has intended and all the stressed moan-bags who continue to haunt the Irish airwaves are probably being handsomely paid for their efforts as they praise the fearful newfangled activity, entrepreneurship.

It seems that this country is bankrupt. Since there's not any chance I can do anything about it, élan vital will have to suffice.
Potential, in any case, can only be measured by performance. Performing one's socks off to an empty audience is not much fun...



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