6 January 2012

The New Year Just Goes On and On and On...

One reason to wish I was abroad at the moment, apart from the hideous weather and low light levels, is that I'll miss the Chinese New Year in a warm climate.

Since I'm a Dragon and chatted with a Chinese lady, much younger, who's in the same category in the past, I'm up to date with the iconography and enjoy the loud fire crackers and special food produced for the banquets in cities where the festival is a major social event. explains that the Dragon has Seven Sons, according to the old mythologies, and they are a busy bunch indeed, mostly involved with artistic endeavour and keeping the peace , apart from Number 4 who loves howling. But since positive thinking is seemingly embedded in the system, this is a good quality linked to protectiveness.

A year ago we were in Singapore and followed the crowds to the beach. I have never seen so many people per square metre anywhere before and some of the photos would be worth sharing again.

Since the Chinese see red as a fortuitous colour, unlike Europeans for whom it means anger and danger, a bokeh image in that colour might be a good start to the run up to the Year of the Dragon.

2011 has been the Year of the Rabbit.

Perhaps that's why so many people have been running so fast all year just to stay still?
Chinese New Year 2, Singapore

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