5 April 2011

Location? Location?

I have the same reaction to IPs sweeping through my Firewall as I would have to a herd of wildebeest charging through my kitchen.

They look too numerous... and messy.

Today's pick for scrutiny is
Suddenly Sunnyvale in California seems interesting. Up to now I had never heard of the place and shall search for photos on Flickr so that I can imagine what it is like.
In fact, studying IPs can help extend one's knowledge of geography...

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Blogger David T. Macknet said...

Pull up Google Maps, ask for "Sunnyvale, California," and then drop the little "street view" guy onto the map. You'll have a really good idea of the place from that.

Of course, to me it's just like "home."

4/05/2011 10:52 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

Thanks for that tip.

4/06/2011 8:41 pm  

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