1 April 2011

Laissons le Jolies Démocraties aux Hommes sans Imagination?

Guy Hermet's book about the lack of confidence that modern democracies inspire is a useful starting point for any discussion on the abandonment ordinary people now feel in relation to leaders.

Since, for quite some time, I have held the view that in order to have "leaders" and "led" one might be actually going somewhere, the recent develpments in our government have not given me much to think about. What is money, after all, except for a means of trading with others. If the Euro is about to implode, another, more functional, currency will have to be found. The media is full of news about how "Europe" must be placated, as if "Ireland" was not part of "Europe". It seems that the small minded 19th Century thinking of national interest has not gone away and is wearing out resources, both physical and mental.

We can't all emigrate, so it is worth wondering how the ordinary citizen might best protect themselves against mis-management.

That, I have to admit, gives me very much to ponder on, as I choose interesting colour tonings to cheer myself up... Driving By in Victoria, Australia, Circular Polarizer Driving By in Victoria, Australia, Circular Polarizer

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