24 October 2010


... definitely not in anger... as I face into the next series of hurdles set to become more computer-efficient.

At present there are some mean-spirited people on radio complaining about a course in Kerry where Facebook is presented to the uninitiated. Having been to Kerry (once) the price offered seems in keeping with the expectations of denizens of a Kingdom and the mockery poured out during the week has probably inspired much laughter in response.

Lack of funds that would allow for a quick submersion in the Facebook and its quirky ways meant spending the best part of a Summer plottting maps, avoiding ads and learning about why the contract there might put my intellectual property into the hands of people who were less respectful of its value than that set on it at my own kitchen table. A Summer spent in gainful employment would have easily covered a crash course in the mysteries of a system that has some of my friends so frightened that they still refuse to sign up.
From time to time I do wonder, however, what button I pushed that made a character called "Rapture Ponies" my friend.
I have absolutely no idea who Rapture Ponies is, but when they popped up again on Tumblr it seemed worthwhile linking there again.

In any case, I shan't be going to the film which exposes the horrors of setting up a business that has one hauled before enquiries and has one's exes prowling around complaining about the public complaints one has made about them.

I finally gave up on Most of the posters there are on Twitter and Flickr, in any case, and it's easier to maintain a coherent series of contacts when egos are curtailed to 140 characters. However, it's worth reading Boards from time to time to keep up to date.
Techfocus the Lounge now requests that one signs in, as, on my computer at least, the pages are only available in cached form.
Life is short...


Blogger David T. Macknet said...

There's so much which goes into a decision to adopt a particular technology. There's a balance in there somewhere, though, which reduces your exposure to lawsuits / predation. It's difficult to find that balance.

10/25/2010 12:43 pm  
Blogger Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I tend to write my thoughts a bit large on this subject here.

I'm increasingly amazed at the number of people who do not pay attention to copyright issues on the net.

However, the other extreme is to be so alarmed that danger is seen everywhere.

As you say, balance...

10/25/2010 5:21 pm  

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