26 August 2010


It's freezing in Dublin... 17 degrees in what should be late Summer/ early Autumn. That may account for the fact that I've just mis-spelled Simenon's name as Simeon on a comment elsewhere.

Also, some clown seems to be slowing what is already not the fastest system on the planet, with .xmls and "fontbluesmaller"... yes, I've got a number to follow up and I can see you hiding behind that tree.

Everywhere bandwidth consumers complain that they are not getting value for money. Complaining that your computer is running slow, without doing anything to rectify the problem, is like moaning that you have soft ice-cream while leaving the freezer door wide open.

It looks as if my metaphors of cold and bleak chills look set to continue. I live in a climate that the Romans who (very sensibly) never bothered to visit called "Hibernia".
For that, like slow bandwidth, I have only myself to blame...

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Blogger David T. Macknet said...

Yep - freezing in Glasgow, as well. It's now 16°C, and probably won't get much higher (that's the forecast high for today). We're already using the electric mattress-warmer occasionally.

So much for summer.

8/28/2010 11:15 am  

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