12 March 2008

"Comment Box!"

This jibe was often used by primary school teachers to indicate that
less was more and that nobody was listening.

My view, often confirmed, that the Internet is like a large institution for
the seriously zipped-up is here to stay, I think. I can't, whatever I try,
get comments to work.

A paranoic would assume that they have been black balled.

This technophobe assumes that the "Open Sesame" words that must be spoken,
virtually, to their computer, have not been yet found.

Damien Mulley has (yet another) great post about community building and music on
his site.

Do you think the machine would accept my comment?

Well, here it is, anyways, for what it's worth:

"I'll certainly be sending this great blog post round to my friends.
Many of them take photos at concerts.

Musical house parties were an everyday occurence when I was a student.
You never went anywhere without your guitar."

Really and truly, it's a hard station...


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