5 March 2008


...or, in other words, "Where's the Fire"...

One year on, I decided to add to my little contribution on Technorati,
posted after last year's Irish Blog Awards. The system is no longer
functional there, possibly because some wild poster got carried away
with enthusiasm and thought it was an invitation to, well... get carried away.

I can assure anybody who still manages to not only find, but even read this blog
that the "language" found everywhere in Cyberspace is a source of conversation
between me an my peers. While I am "passing old" I am not yet in the true
doldrums in relation to age. I came to linguistic maturity in the late 'Sixties
when swearing was very fashionable indeed. Some people blamed D.H. Lawrence at the
time, but really we needed no excuse to sound like little storm troopers.

Now it's a bit different. I have only twice in my life been told to STF-Up.
The first occasion was so alarming that even the person yelling at me was
stunned into silence. The second was last Saturday night in the middle of
some crazed effort by our maitre d' to bring some order to the Blog Award
proceedings. I'll tell you, when you are bawled out in the middle of a
darkened room, surrounded by over 400 people rummaging in crisp paper bags
for a prize of a trip to Cork, you know it's zip-up time.

I felt I should be polite and leave at "Thank You" message at the
blogs of those who had put in so much work for that amazing night.
The emotion, however, has not abated and I was so nervous posting
to the Master of Ceremony's space that I mis-spelled "deserved".

I'm sure I'll be forgiven...

Appreciative Applause


Blogger DaviMack said...

Umm ... yeah, I think I'd have been quiet ... if only so that I didn't brain the person. I can't imagine saying that to anyone, nor having it said to me. Even when I was working around a bunch of construction guys, it wouldn't have happened.

Different world, different taboos, I guess.

3/09/2008 10:29 pm  

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