12 March 2008


I read everywhere that the road to success on the Internet
is linked to Branding.

Create a clear Brand, put it out there, and (if you're really enterprising)
sell it.

I'm living proof that it's impossible to teach a lazy dog new tricks.
At one point in my increasingly long life I had a very clear (and probably non-brandable)

I was in danger of taking on the qualities of a performing flea.

(Fans of P.G. Wodehouse will recognize the reference.)

Society is very complicated, overwhelmingly so in some cases.
It is important to pick one's way carefully through its various and
ever-changing vagaries.
While innocent types get busy trying to conform to new ideas,
there are very lively minded leader-types who are cooking up
new games that upend all the games already on the table.

Perhaps gamers are taking over the World?

Why get branded, when you could be making up your own game?


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