3 November 2011

Modal Dialog

In the flood of information that gets deleted from my computer, this one caught my eye.

I continue not to trust computers one bit. "Your privacy is important to us" is taken with a pinch of salt. I was subjected to an educational system where I became adept at flushing out insincere protestations of confidentiality on the part of those in charge. While I almost never bad mouth the people who took such time to turn us into functional citizens in the past, I learned very quickly that an Irish person is incapable of keeping a secret and that anything I said or wrote would be taken very personally indeed. This was before the time that television replaced other peoples' business as a form of entertainment and when first subjected to the harrowing nature of Irish chat, I was reminded (as if reminding was needed) that zip up time was order of the day.

So this insight has been carried forward with every usage of my blog spaces. I have no way of knowing who is reading this as I type. If there is actually a machine that records before publication (the system automatically saves work as it is put down) I wonder if this is not a double edged sword, as one can change one's mind or think the matter in hand not worth pursuing.

Also, it is one reason to, at last, consider breaking with the Blogger system, as it may not be as safe as I might wish.

If there is a modal dialogue installed here, I have no way of knowing what it does. As ever, ignorance of the rules can breed fear...

This is going to be useful, if I ever get round to understanding what it means.

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