19 May 2010

Au Galop...

I have been gardening...

It's an activity that frees the mind and stiffens the muscles in equal measure. Somehow I feel at one with all growing things, which is unavoidable, as they are inching, Triffid-like, toward doors and windows around the house and need to be reined in.

Nowhere could be greener than Ireland in May. The countryside positively glistens after the frequent downpours and fruit trees breathe out fragrances that lift the spirits.

I read in passing this morning that our country may be in danger of not producing enough food for the population soon. This is more of the ridiculous official-speak, never verifiable, never traced to a certain source, that fills the official media spaces daily.

I would not normally complain, as most people do not actually believe much of what is written or broadcast these days. However, the institutions that should be morale-boosters for ordinary people have become glum and uninspiring... not to mention insolvent.

Anybody who has a garden, or even a sunny window ledge, can grow tomatoes and herbs. Let's to it... Pathways in the Wood


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