29 April 2010


I read yesterday that Alison Pearson, whose work as a TV critic I enjoy, is depressed.   The invective that this news invited from some bloggers (who are not worthy of attention because of mean spiritedness) reminds many people that depression may not be a bad reaction to life's slings and arrows.   It makes one stop and take account of what is going on, perhaps?   Also, it is an easy label slapped on every mental state that does not conform to "performance", "targets", and social functionality in a world that, even given my natural optimism and ebullience, seems to be dafter than the average brush.   About twenty years ago I muttered "nothing to be done" and got on with my life without all the social nonsense that had cluttered daily activity for years.   Out went the school curriculum, trips on public transport, newspapers and all the everyday nonsense that I could lay hands on.   Here's hoping that anybody else who is worn down by social obligations has the good sense to do the same.


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