5 December 2008

Yesterday's Post Seems a Tad Peremptory

I was beginning to think a bit when the 'phone rang
yesterday afternoon.

Hitting the "publish" button seemed the safest option.

Otherwise I would have lost the little memory that had just
surfaced from weeks spent at a French hospital about eighteen years ago.
Everybody was a bit stressed and the French general who decided to scrutinize
my political credentials in the middle of dinner came to his senses later.

I have to admit that Europe and all its national identities were a total source
of puzzlement during the years spent studying history (compulsarily, I may add)
for exams that I would prefer to have avoided.
I could tell the rattling good old tale of the French Revolution in my sleep,
which is probably not much to boast about.

Wordle Cloud Cluster for My Dainty Little Carbon Footprint

AnyWAYS... here's to another restful weekend and more computing next week.

I've rediscovered Wordle and it is addictive.


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