29 November 2008


I tend to dust the house on a Saturday.

Listening to Andrew Taylor, as he presented a fundamentally new model for the arts and business kept me focused.

It also reminded me that my metaphors are, being as charitable as possible,
a little rusty.

The childrens' books that formed by early consciousness
had not changed much since the 19th century.
They had a serious gender divide, they were alarmingly moralising,
metaphors included slippery slopes, ghastly punishments meted out to the wayward,
banana skins that, to my puzzled eyes, seemed far more numerous in literature
than they were to be found on the average Irish street.

That was long before Youtube.

Boundaries? Ethics? The World we carry in our heads
(in fact, it's not possible, according to Mr Taylor to carry the World in one's head)
and, above all, metaphors.

I got the house cleaned in jig time,
thanks to the adrenelin rushes the lecture brought on.

I am now reeling with new ideas.

Let's hope they lead somewhere...

The Metaphors We Manage By
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Blogger DaviMack said...

And all I see, on poor Andrew's slideset, is that he has that awful dangling participle at the end. Shiver!

We're rereading a children's book we'd read years ago, from the 1970's. It's ... painful.

11/29/2008 11:23 pm  

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