25 November 2008

It's English...

...but not as I know it.

Having discovered references to the strange practices
of contemporary humans,
I'm now settling in for a few months
of vocabulary extension.

As I write, there are people out there
Google Bowling
to beat the band.

I have to admit I find this thought entertaining
rather than alarming.

Most conversations with my peers involve much rolling of eyes
and worried head butting on the subject of

"the dangers of the Internet".

Their fears, to me, seem ill-founded and
probably based on some negative jibe made by a
professional journalist who sees their position
threatened by jumped up Johnnies who write
anything that comes into their little heads...
and, worse, without editorial policy to direct
their outpourings.

It's a bit lonesome on the Internet,
as the over-fifties tend to write about health matters
or worse, just hang about in the shadows,
possibly Facelurking and adding to their own
paranoia rather than anybody else's.

"Google Bowling" was last weeks find.

I don't know how daft you need to be to set about
undermining other businesses on the Internet by
trying to enforce a sort of negative SEO,
making customers nervous.
These recessionary times have offered
many opportunities for trying new ideas.
Scuttling the opposition is probably not necessary?

A Facelurking Google Bowler would be a scary
person to meet on a dark night...


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