1 December 2007

The Luxury of Philosophical Thinking

"Are you asking how to prove intellectual property in an actual, legal sense? Or in
more of a philosophical sense?", Davimack asked recently.

I suppose I'm thinking about the fact that intellectual property
is a double-edged sword and that money and prestige direct its
movements, rather than individual endeavour alone.

Charles Darwin only decided to publish his theory
of evolution when it became
apparent that others were quite pleased to attribute
his findings to themselves and take credit for it.

I just find it interesting that it is very difficult
to produce a really new idea and then prove to
social institutions that it the result of
individual work. I'm sure that Davimack and
Tadimack, who work in the academic World,
must have many thoughts on this.


Blogger DaviMack said...

Hmm... I think I can see your point. I use Flickr to manage my photos & their licensing, so that I've got a Creative Commons License stamped on every one. I haven't gone in for watermarking of them or anything, but it's been a recurring thought. My main objection is that I've written it (or photographed it), so I feel that I should be given at least attribution & possibly some money, particularly if somebody else is making money on the whole thing.

12/03/2007 2:17 pm  

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