1 December 2007

There's Going to be an Oil Shortage?

...I can't wait.

The last major oil upheaval was in the early
1970's. I hitch-hiked to class on cattle
trucks at night, racing through the countryside
alongside good-humoured farmers.

That experience cannot be relived.
People are now so frightened of hitching
a lift, or meeting strangers, day or night,
that they are on the verge of
classifiable mental disorder on the

But perhaps an oil crisis will stop the chainsaws
that are working their way through our city
as I write?

I'm an optimist, but I can hear my French friends,
more Worldly Wise, muttering:

"Il ne faut pas trop espérer".
(You can't expect too much.)

Frankly, what I would now wish for is
a bit less...


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