4 November 2011

When Security Becomes a Deterrent to Living

I posted on Damien Mulley's blog last week and have not had the energy to go back to see if it had appeared. When last viewed, there was no sign. It puts me off visiting again, which is probably the experience that some commercial sites have had when they spam my blog. One person's spam is another's business opportunity. Since this is not a commercial site, I don't tend to upload commercial material.

Also, the peace and quiet can be pleasant. However, I have just stopped trying to post on Davimack's site as an extra system is in place there that I cannot get the hang of. This is just to say that I continue to read the interesting experiences there and was sorry to find that the choir went into psycological meltdown some time back.

Monteverdi was often at loggerheads with his choir, so rows are probably part of the game. I have a horror of choral singing and have, happily now very distant memories, of standing on a bench for hours while some deluded Svengali tried to coax angelic sounds from our worn voices.

I was content enough to drone on an octave below the sopranos, as singing alto was my punishment, or so it seemed to me. Counterpoint is grotesque, except on mechanical instruments, which can bear the strain.

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